Explanandum (2002)

An installation of form and light

Asher Bilu and Philip Lethlean

The installation was installed in Adelaide for the filming of the Paul Cox film Human Touch in 2004
Video: Louise Turley


The concept

An installation which treats light as an integral component of the work. The selection of the materials and their design is governed by their response to the play of light. The creative process involves the collaboration of a sculptor and lighting designer from the first stages of concept design to the final installation.

The Installation – TheatreWorks September 2002

The work is composed of a series of 92 cones from 3 metres to 7 metres in length constructed from wire meshes of various gauges and densities and suspended from the ceiling in such a way as to create an environment 5 metres high and 10 metres square through which the viewer can move. Each cone is a container for light. The light is programmed with music to provide a constantly changing series of effects, gradually dissolving and highlighting different sections of the installation.

The maquette

The installation is an extension of a concept first exhibited in The Infinity Towers, a sculpture/fountain which was launched in March 2002. The installation was constructed in 10 days with a minimal crew. It is conceived as a prototype. It is designed to create interest in the possibility of other works utilizing the ideas presented. It is designed to show what is possible and to stimulate new ideas.

The sculpture

The work is suitable for public sculpture commissions or for exhibition. The concept can be adapted to suit different locations and requirements.


Project supported by the Theatre Board of the Australia Council