Circular Keys (2010)

4.6 metres (15 ft) x 8.6 metres (28 ft)
Painted plywood, stainless steel wire

A sculpture/painting comprising approximately 1,600 components, each painted on both sides and each unique.
Commissioned for Quay Restaurant, Sydney, Australia.

“Looking through a microscope or telescope always brings me to a sense of wonder about the mysteries of existence. I am awed that infinitesimally tiny building blocks of matter and energy combine to produce myriad life and the complexity, grandeur and beauty of the cosmos. I have often used science as one source of inspiration for my art. However, I am not concerned with literal interpretation; rather I want my work to offer visual “keys” that open doors to the imagination and emotions.”

Asher Bilu

Originally screened on ABC Arts Online March 4, 2011
Producer: Louise Turley