Infinity Series (1998-9)

Tam Ve-lo Nishlam: (Heb: finished but not completed)

DESCRIPTION: A group of five paintings each 244 x 488 cm.

These paintings are Symphonies of Light, conceived in the spirit of a musical composition using notes, subnotes, micronotes, melodies and harmonies to create visible sound. They are restricted to one colour, but within that one colour every note imaginable is possible.

INSTALLATION: The five paintings are to hang in one room, ideally on separate walls. They must be able to be viewed from a distance of at least 5 metres. Each work is to be lit by an appropriate light strategically focused on the top centre of the work. This is the only lighting required. The exact lighting is crucial to the work since the paintings are conceived to respond to the light in such a way as to cause the emanation of rays emerging from one point. Essentially the light becomes part of the work.

The paintings are interactive in that the work changes with the position of the viewer. As the viewer moves the paintings appear to emanate rays from a different source, although the lighting remains constant.